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            Yiwu Xiangtiange educational toys Co., Ltd

            Yiwu Xiangtiange educational toys Co., Ltd

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            Add: 6F building A3,Yiwu Economic-Technological Development Area,322000,Zhejiang, China
            Tel: +86-579-85256103
            Fax: +86-579-85256105
            Mobile: +86-18858952338
            E-mail: marico@edutoys.com.cn
            SKYPE: edu.toys QQ: 819450648

            google .com/baidu
            About Us

            Xiangtiange Educational Toys Factory is a professional group company with the integration of production research and development and sales on the preschool educational wooden toys, it is an export-oriented enterprise with part sales in domestic market. Xiangtiange was set up in 2002, it has three branches, Yiwu Xiangtiange Educational Toys Co., Ltd., Yunhe Xiangtiange Educational Toys Co., Ltd. and Longquan Xiangtiange Educational Toys Factory. Yiwu branch aims at production research and development, production storage, transportation, sale and brand operation. Yunhe branch majors in production of educational toys, such as Montessori, Froebel and other preschool toys. Longquan Factory majors in manufacturing huge blocks, outdoor toys and preschool’s desks and chairs. We have full and scientific management system, as well as the manufacturing area over 10000 square meters. Xiangtiange creates variety of high-quality products combining special skills from Taiwan’s company with our own excellent design. All the products are full of education, which promotes kids’ creation sufficiently. We have good cooperation with large international wholesale and retail companies, which makes us enjoy good market shares among Taiwan, Europe, North America, Australia and Middle East etc. For the purpose of creating the value for clients, producing the high cost-effective products, Xiangtiange has been working hard, contributing to the prosperous development of preschool education in China or even the world.